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Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

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Common & Drake: Why You Should Love This & Not Give A Damn At The Same Time


Unless you’ve been under a rock (or Hip-Hop isn’t your thing), you’ve heard that Common & Drake have this lil’ beef going on. Supposedly it started over Drake coming at Common’s on-again/off-again girl (Don’t know if they’re off or on right now though) Serena Williams even though Common said on Sway’s radio show it was over “Drake saying he’s the best in the game”.

Either way, I smirked when I first heard about it. The lil’ hip-hop head in me loved the fact that folks were beefing on wax again. You can turn on any major radio station in any major city and hear the same five songs fifteen times a day for three months talking about the same s*** just with a different beat. I like when I recite lyrics to a song, I can relate to what the artist is saying. I ain’t got a Beemer, Benz, and/or Bentley & ain’t never sold a brick. So having two of the hottest artists in the game NOT named Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, or Nicki Minaj having a lil’ scuffle raised my eyebrow. Plus it’s Common & Drake…C’MON!!! What’s the worst that could happen?

Then folks do what folks do and took it to the EXTREME!!! If it weren’t for the second coming of the Messiah aka Blue Ivy, this would still be the number one topic in Black America (with the premiere of The Game a close 2nd.)

Look here, folks… this is NOT gonna turn into a 2Pac/Biggie thing. You don’t have to worry about Hip-Hop’s light-skinned saviors trading bars for guns. C’Mon now!!! Let’s not forget this is Mr. I-Draw-Stories-On-Cue-Cards-For-Deaf-Girls & I-Can’t-Even-Look-In-The-Camera-When-I-Rap/Sing. This is Just Wright & “Wheelchair Jimmy”. This is Lonnie & Aubrey.

Neither one of these dudes lived “that life”. You’re not gonna see YMCMB waiting for Common to leave the MGM Grand to settle this in the streets. You might get a couple of responses on World Star in the next couple of days but after that it’ll die down. Watch. You’ll see them together hugging & head-nodding at the “Annual Something-Big-Happened-And-We-Need-To-Raise-Some-Money” benefit concert this summer. Might even f*** around and come out with a track together and REALLY throw folks for a Mickey.

Take it for what it is: A war on wax. The most it’s worth is four, maybe five, Tweets & a mention at the water cooler just to let folks know your Black Card is still up-to-date.


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